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Melbourne to Sydney for $12.74

Melbourne to Sydney for $12.74

No, that’s not a typo. It took $12.74 worth of electricity to get Tasmanian couple Sharee McCammon and Graeme McCormack 860 km in their second hand electric vehicle.

“It was cheaper than flying or taking our old diesel ute. Those years of saving the $24,000 to buy our 2016 electric vehicle  are really paying off with recent hikes in diesel prices, ” said Ms McCammon.

Yet, in Tasmania, electric vehicles are in short supply. Local Australian Electric Vehicle Association chairperson, Ms Penny Cocker, said “Australia’s poor fuel emissions standards drastically reduce consumer choice of electric vehicles. We have only 37 electric vehicle models for sale here, while the US, Europe and Japan have more than twice that to choose from. As long as we have third-world fuel emissions standards, we’ll have a third-rate choice of cars.”

The Tasmanian tourism industry is set to reap the rewards of electric tourism. “40% of all fast charging in Tasmania, goes into interstate electric vehicles during their visits here,” said Electric Highway Tasmania CEO, Clive Attwater. “Smart accommodation providers are attracting electric vehicle tourists with charging points for guests. The expanding fast-charge network is filling in any gaps along our relatively short road distances”

The Tasmanian Climate Collective is calling candidates in the upcoming federal election to adopt better fuel emissions policies. Spokesperson, Ms Ruth Osborne said that Tasmanians are being denied the cheaper, cleaner transport that would come with a wider choice of electric vehicle options. “We should be able to make better use of our renewable electricity in Tas and rely less on expensive, imported petrol and diesel. This would also greatly improve our fuel security and make us less vulnerable to global shocks, such as the war in Ukraine. Which federal candidates will help us realise this safer future? ”

26 April 2022

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