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Another FF sponsored award

Another FF sponsored award

All this week Comms Declare: Climate Crisis is celebrating great climate journalism and calling out the Walkley Foundation for ignoring this subject at their awards and being sponsored by the Fossil Fuel company Ampol.

Head over to their Facebook page to celebrate some great climate journalism and share the great work of Comms Declare.

This week the Walkley Foundation (sponsored by Ampol) will award journalists for reporting on subjects like industrial relations and media diversity but not the most important issue of our time - climate change.

So, we're recognising some of Australia's best climate reporting as nominated by folks in the climate movement.

Got a favourite climate story? Send the journalist some love below for reporting on the most confounding, complex, unappreciated, often harrowing and inspiring story of all. We'll post the best during the week.

#climatehope #endclimatesilence #climatecommunications #journalism

Plus see: The awkward snub of climate change by Ampol-sponsored Walkley Awards

18 June 2023

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