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Giant Tree Policy changed!

Giant Tree Policy changed!

Some good news coming from our forests - the Giant Tree Policy has been changed to include more trees, and will result in a few thousand hectares of forests to be saved.

Quoted below from The Tree Project facebook page


Thanks to our consistent efforts over the last few years, Tasmania’s Giant Tree Policy has been updated, which will result in the protection of potentially thousands of giant trees.

The policy has been updated to include trees over four metres in diameter to be classified as ‘Giants’, which means they will be protected from logging. This is a vast improvement from the old policy that only recognised trees over 85 metres tall or 280 cubic metres in volume.

While it is unclear exactly how many new trees will be protected under this new policy, it could potentially protect thousands of giant trees which is likely to amount to a few thousand hectares of forests.

This is the biggest win for Tassie's forests in the last decade.

While this is a step in the right direction, we are still advocating for the protection of all of Tassie’s forests. There are smaller trees that are still worthy of protection and provide important habitat for wildlife. 

Furthermore, all trees are important for storing carbon. We will keep advocating for greater protection of our forests.

4 April 2024

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