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It is perfectly legal to lie in a political ad

It is perfectly legal to lie in a political ad

And it shouldn't be. Just as it is unlawful for companies to engage in deceptive or misleading conduct, Australians want laws to ensure political advertising is truthful and transparent.

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Following the Voice Referendum, new Australia Institute research  shows that almost nine in ten (87%) Australians want Parliament to pass  truth in political advertising laws.

Misinformation and disinformation swamped the  referendum campaign with arguments that often had little to do with what  Australians were being asked to vote on.

Whether it is an election or a  referendum, voters should go to the polls armed with the facts. It is  perfectly legal to lie in a political advertisement and it shouldn't be.

South Australia has had truth in political advertising laws since the 1980s and the ACT recently legislated similar laws.

A clear majority of Australians (72%) agree they  are concerned about lies and misinformation that circulated on social  media during the referendum campaign, compared to one in five who  disagree (17%).

39 prominent Australians signed an open letter,  coordinated by the Australia Institute's Democracy & Accountability  program, calling on federal parliament to pass truth in political  advertising laws that are nationally consistent, constitutional and  uphold freedom of speech.

We need Truth in Political Advertising Laws before the next federal election.

20 October 2023

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