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Opportunity for strong new nature laws

Opportunity for strong new nature laws

28 Opera Houses of wildlife habitat are bulldozed every hour, but now there is an opportunity to change that and we need your help.

Save our Big Backyard: Join half a million people calling for strong new nature laws!

With the Albanese government rewriting our national nature laws for the first time in over 20 years, now is our opportunity to speak up and demand nature’s protection and restoration. 

We need to reach as many people as we can to make sure that the changes made to these laws are strong enough. 

And we need your help to do this.

The homes of our unique and threatened wildlife are bulldozed at the rate of 52 hectares every hour – that’s the size of 28 Sydney Opera Houses. Our currently broken national nature laws are powerless to stop it.

Even koalas are endangered in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. We can’t allow our icons to be lost forever.

Strong new laws are our big chance to stop the destruction of threatened animals' homes, safeguarding the places and wildlife we love for decades to come. Strong new laws are the lifeline that forests, black cockatoos, and the Great Barrier Reef need to survive and thrive.

Over half a million people have demanded new nature laws that actually protect nature. 

Nature needs your voice too.

Help stop the destruction. Add your name to the petition today!

28 April 2023

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