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The Australia Institute 2024 Climate Integrity Summit

The Australia Institute 2024 Climate Integrity Summit

Leading experts, political leaders and First Nations leaders make it clear what the solutions are to the climate crisis, and how to implement them.

View speaker and panel recording here:\

The Australia Institute’s Climate Integrity Summit in 2023 established  the principles that must sit at the heart of policymaking to ensure it  is robust, grounded in truth and uncorrupted in all senses of the word.  

Now, with these principles, the opportunity exists for Australia to  genuinely drive decarbonisation and clean investment, both in Australia  and abroad.

Opening Remarks | Dr Richard Denniss:

“We didn’t accidentally subsidise the fossil fuel industry. It takes  effort, it takes money, it takes time. It takes resolve to cause climate  change. We shouldn’t look away from what Australia is in the middle of  doing.”

30 March 2024

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