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Voices of Tas Survey results!

Voices of Tas Survey results!

In news surprising no-one, a newly published Voices of Tasmania report has revealed that Tasmanians across the state do not feel well represented in parliament, with climate, health and cost of living our top concerns.

Quoted below from Voices of Tasmania Survey

View here:


It’s published! 

And there’s a lot in it. 

We were blown away by the wealth of input, ideas and insights provided by respondents to the VoT Have Your Say survey. 

The respondents really want politicians to listen and respect their views. 

Fair enough!

The Key Messages are clear:

  1. Tasmanians do not feel well represented by their elected members.  Out of 756 respondents to the year long survey, just 2.8% felt they were well represented. Only 26% said they felt “somewhat” represented.

  2. Why not? Because of party lines, not listening, no effective action on what matters most to people

  3. Climate Change, Health and Cost of Living are what’s of most concern - but there are a lot of other issues in each electorate (see report for details)

  4. Tasmanians want representatives who have integrity, ethics, and are transparent - respondents were highly critical of the current state.

  5. Tasmanians want to be part of the solution - the huge range of ideas and solid suggestions to address our pressing problems impressed the analysis team.

(Download the results here

6 March 2024

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