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Help ban fossil fuel ads and sponsorships

Help ban fossil fuel ads and sponsorships

Join the petition to ask the Government to ban advertising and sponsorships of fossil fuels.

You can add your voice here:

The background:

Governments restrict advertising and sponsorships of tobacco, gambling and alcohol in recognition of their negative effects. But products such as fossil fuels are still advertised widely and freely, despite their disastrous impacts.

Coal, oil and gas are hazardous to human health. More Australians die prematurely from air pollution caused by fossil fuels, than are killed in car accidents or from drugs or diabetes.

Burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of global warming, which is driving worsening extreme weather.

We must stop fossil fuel companies and high greenhouse gas polluters using marketing and sponsorships to delay the inevitable and urgently required social transition to clean energy. 

The ACT and more than 10 local councils have already, or are moving to, ban fossil fuel advertising and/or sponsorships.

France is implementing national bans, as are jurisdictions in the Netherlands and UK. 

Please support the Fossil Ad Ban campaign in Australia for a cleaner, safer future. 

More information can be found at

19 April 2023

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