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Our Climate Action Scorecard released

Our Climate Action Scorecard released

A simple way for Tasmanians to vote for climate action.

The federal election is looming and one of the biggest issues for the majority of voters is climate change. For Tasmanian voters who are keen to see action on climate change but are unsure of how to cast their vote, the Tasmanian Climate Collective climate action scorecard offers a solution.

Phil Tapper, a volunteer who has been helping to research and collate the candidate information on behalf of the Tasmanian Climate Collective, says:

“It’s hard for voters to know who has good climate policy, because of all the campaign noise, green-washing and complex terminology around climate change. We have reviewed voting records, policy commitments and public records to compare candidates’ commitments with what is required to meet our Paris Agreement goals and recommendations from the 2022 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.”

The comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow scorecard ranks candidates in each Tasmanian electorate and for the Senate, and drills deeply into the candidates’ views on specific aspects of climate change action such as emissions reduction, the creation of low-emissions industries and their acceptance of fossil fuel donations. 

The scorecard is available on the Tasmanian Climate Collective Facebook page.

1 May 2022

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